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Philanthropic Adventures


To bring the strength, influence and resources of businesses, non-profit organizations, and people together to affect positive, long-lasting change around the world through common goals and meaningful experiences.


There are three main objectives for developing these philanthropic programs:

  • To provide greater awareness of the needs of our world and direct fiscal support to the non-profit organizations that exist to help

  • Enhancement of for-profit businesses through strengthening of brand, employee satisfaction / retention and goodwill

  • Expose more people to meaningful international experiences and cultures


Philanthropic Travel Programs - These programs involve a non-profit organization, business and No Limits Adventures promoting an international travel event. Funds may be raised through a variety of means from simple donations, travel goal achievement based donations, business and sponsorship donations.

Corporate Reward / Incentive Travel Programs - These programs involve a business and No Limits Adventures establishing a travel program for a group of employees based upon the achievement of certain corporate goals. Donations could be pledged to an organization by the business, its’ employees and No Limits Adventures.

Direct Non-Profit Sponsorship by No Limits Adventures - These programs involve No Limits Adventures establishing a relationship with non-profit organizations and pledging some amount of funds based upon the execution of a particular trip(s). These are often tied to causes and organizations in the destinations to which No Limits Adventures travels.


We are all aware that there are virtually a limitless number of worthy causes in our own backyards and around the world that need our assistance in one form or another. This assistance can come in the form of such things as food, water, donated time, education, services, materials, and of course money.

Non-Profit organizations have established themselves for the sole purpose of helping these causes. They have established infrastructure, networks, specialized knowledge and skills of how best to approach these problems. However, getting the support they need often comes at a significant cost through expensive fund-raising, marketing campaigns and events.

Businesses often manage tremendous resources over time and most all companies have a sincere desire to give back to their communities. They realize the value of strengthening their brand through these actions as well as the internal goodwill. Since businesses are specifically designed and operated for their chosen industry(s), it is usually difficult or extremely inefficient for them to try to take on a cause directly, especially if the needs are not in their own backyards. This often results in their contributions being in the form of financial support to non-profit organizations.

These businesses employ tens, hundreds, or perhaps even thousands of people. All of whom also have an individual desire to live a more fulfilling life by contributing to and/or getting directly involved in some manner, with a cause. It is the humanitarian gene that lies within most all of us. Due to the pressures of today’s economy, people are feeling the pressure more than ever to avoid time away from work. This makes it even more difficult for them to participate in these meaningful pursuits, often impacting an already strained morale.

Traditionally, given their individual strengths and common desires, non-profits and businesses will often team up to sponsor an event (ex. 3k, 5k, etc.) to expand the awareness of the chosen cause and get a greater number of contributors. These events are often very expensive and their costs must ultimately come from the funds raised. They are also very labor intensive and must therefore rely on large numbers of volunteers.

No Limits Adventures specializes in professionally guided international adventures to remote and exotic locations for meaningful, often life changing, experiences. It is through these experiences that our company aims to support numerous human, environmental, animal and other worthwhile causes around the world.

We feel that by bringing together non-profit organizations, businesses and their employees with our philanthropic travel programs, there is an opportunity to provide tremendous resources to the chosen cause(s) in a more efficient manner. These programs also provide significant benefits to all parties involved.

Please contact us for complete details regarding these philanthropic travel programs and how together we can help improve the world.  Let's Challenge ourselves to make a difference!