About Us


No Limits Adventures'® mission is to be the provider of choice for international adventure travelers looking for premium quality, professionally guided, trips and expeditions around the world. We provide a wide range of activities and cultural experiences for people of all physical abilities. The company also aspires to continuously improve the communities to which it visits in hopes of having a positive impact upon the lives of the people that are so wonderful to open their worlds' to us.

The choice for the company name was based upon our personal belief that people should not limit themselves regarding anything they wish to experience or accomplish in their lives. We believe that most people are capable of accomplishing far more than they might believe.



Our Approach:

Our approach is to ensure our professional guides take as much of the planning, coordinating, organizing and worry off your shoulders as possible. It is hard to have a deep, enriching experience in a foreign land, if you are constantly worrying about logistics. With our advanced planning and relationships, we open doors for people that they might not have even known were there.

Upon arriving at the airport where your itinerary is to begin, you are greeted by a member of our experienced team and brought to your initial accommodations. From this point and until you are returned to the airport for your flight home, our guides look after you and ensure you understand the details of your trip. On some itineraries you may have blocks of time to explore or shop on your own if you wish. Our guides will help to familiarize you with your location and local customs to help ensure the most safe and rewarding experience possible.

No Limits Adventures® wants to help people have some truly amazing experiences by making it as easy as possible to go to some magnificent places that might otherwise be inaccessible. We understand how busy everyone is today and how difficult, if not down right impossible, it might be for people to reach these destinations without some assistance.

explore the world and leave the details to us!!