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Trip Summary

Trip Duration:

Patagonia Only: 16 Days

With Easter Island: 17 Days



Patagonia Only: TBA

With Easter Island: TBA


Departure Dates:



Custom Dates Available

Trip Map

Patagonia Map


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Chile Ultimate Patagonia
(Optional Easter Island Visit)

Trip Highlights
  • Scenic boat rides on Lago Plomo and Lago Bertrand
  • Wonderfully equipped ranch and guesthouse facilities
  • Hike to Cordon Contreras Mountain Range with visit to glacier ice fields
  • Fly fishing in pristine streams and rivers
  • Horseback riding to the glacial ice of the Northern Patagonia Ice Fields
  • Glacier ice walks and witness glacial ice falls
  • Camping along the Soler and Cacho Rivers
  • Whitewater rafting on Rio Baker
  • Traditional Asado Parado (Traditional Chilean Barbeque)
  • Optional non-technical ascent
  • Optional Easter Island Visit


This itinerary is intended for those travelers with more time for their travels that want to use it exploring even more of what the Patagonia Region has to offer.  Perhaps you looked at the 'Exploring Patagonia' itinerary and decided you wanted to go to Easter Island, but didn't want to shorten your time exploring Patagonia.  This trip maximizes your time at both locations.

Set in some of the most amazing, pristine scenery found anywhere on earth, this exclusive trip is based at a privately owned ranch in the heart of Chile's Patagonia region.  We arrive at the ranch by boat across Lago General Carrera, Chile's largest lake (and South America's second largest lake).

If you like hiking, horseback riding, river rafting, fishing, conversation around a campfire and exploring mysterious south pacific islands, then this trip is for you.  With our flexible itineraries, we're able to make sure you spend your time participating in those activities you enjoy the most.

This trip is a wonderful blend of exploring, exercise and relaxation.  For that wilderness explorer in all of us, we have included some camping allowing us to get to some even more remote areas while completing that true Patagonia experience sleeping under the stars.  You'll be hiking and riding horseback through enchanted forests, along mountain ridges, rivers and lakes.  We will travel to the glaciers of the Northern Patagonia Icefields.  You'll have the choice of fishing for some of the largest rainbow trout (and other fish) that you've ever seen, hiking, or taking advantage of the experienced team at the ranch for some additional riding instruction.

You have the option of expanding your trip to travel across the distant waters of the south pacific to the mysterious Easter Island. Located approximately 2,360 miles off the coast of Chile, Easter Island has been the source of many puzzling questions about its' ancient settlers, where they came from and the gigantic stone statues spread around the island. We will explore this remote island gazing in amazement at the hundreds of statues found all over the island. We will even enjoy a wonderful picnic on the beach. Open to outside visitors for only the last 30 years, this is a wonderful way to complete your South American journey before heading home.

Itinerary Summary

Days 1-2  Fly to Santiago and Balmaceda Chile, overnight in Puerto Rio Tranquilo

Days 3-4  Travel To Bertrand, Boat ride to ranch across Lago General Carrera. Horseback ride to terminal moraine and boat ride back to the ranch

Days 5-7    Alpine Trek, Camping, Glacier walks, optional non-technical ascent

Day 8    Rest day with optional hiking, fishing, horseback riding and other activities around the ranch

Days 9-11  Horseback to Soler and Cacho River valleys.  Continue on to Northern Patagonia Icefields.  Walks on the glacial ice.  Return to ranch for traditional Chilean barbeque

Day 12    Rest day with optional hiking, fishing, horseback riding and other activities around the ranch

Days 13-14    River Rafting on the Rio Baker, picnic lunch, visit Grand Salton.  Fishing, Day hike, Traditional Asado Parado

Days 15-16    Journey home begins with boat ride back across Lago General Carrera returning you to Balmaceda Airport

Note:  Participants in the optional journey to Easter Island will depart from the ranch on Day 12

Easter Island Option

Days 12-13  Depart Ranch for Balmaceda, Santiago and Easter Island.  Overnight in Santiago and arrive Easter Island mid-day.  Island overview and tour Moai sites

Days 14-15  Visit Moai, quarry and archeological sites.  Picnic on the beach at Hanga Oteo

Days 16-17    Depart Easter Island for Santiago and Journey home

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