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Trip Duration:  12 Days


Price: TBA


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Intermediate Mountaineering Course

Travel Information

  • VISA
Flying To Santiago (SCL) / Balmaceda (BBA)

Most flights into Santiago depart the USA in the afternoon/evening arrive in the morning the next day.  You will find a number of carriers such as American Airlines, LAN, Delta and others that have many daily flights to Santiago.  American Airlines ( has flights departing the US from Miami (MIA) Florida and Dallas/Fortworth (DFW) Texas to Santiago Chile (SCL).  If you're in or near the New York or Toronto areas you may want to check out LAN Airways ( they were offering some special pricing on flights to Santiago from these locations. 

Upon arrival in Santiago, transfer to you domestic flight to Balmaceda.  LAN ( or, Sky Airlines (, and Air Comet ( all have flights between Santiago and Balmaceda (BBA).

You will find that Sky Airlines has some pretty reasonably priced flights.  You can review their flight schedules online, however they do not allow bookings from international travelers outside of Chile on their website.  To book your flight you can call their service center at 011 56 2 353 3169.  You may also email them at


Chile is 1-2 hours ahead of US EST depending upon daylight savings time.


Travel Insurance

No Limits Adventures highly recommends that our participants purchase Trip Cancellation Insurance and review their current medical insurance plans to understand if they are sufficiently covered when traveling internationally.  We further recommend that you acquire International Medical Insurance with Evacuation Coverage. Please see details on our 'Travel Insurance' Page.


Clean water is not an issue in the Patagonia.  You will have ample access to drinkable water.


The best hotels and restaurants typically have high standards for hygiene and food preparation.  The food prepared at the ranch is delicious and should not cause any stomach issues.


While the food and water mentioned above should not cause any travelers issues, for some people the meer stress of traveling and/or change or routine and diet can lead to upset stomach.  The major problem associated with diarrhea is fluid loss leading to severe dehydration, so it is important to maintain plentiful fluid intake.  Avoid caffeine and alcohol because they further dehydrate you.  The best drinks are weak tea, mineral water, and caffeine-free soft drinks.  Although ideally it is best to let diarrhea run its course, on a trip this is uncomfortable.  You may want to bring an over-the-counter diarrhea cure to minimize your discomfort or talk to your doctor about prescribing an antibiotic for travelers’ diarrhea such as Cipro.


If you take prescription medications that you need to bring, be sure to have a plentiful supply and the doctor’s prescription in case something happens to them.  Along those lines, it is best to carry medications in your carry-on bag in case of lost luggage.  If you wear prescription glasses or contacts, we advise that you bring a spare set. 


In towns it is common to have 220 V, while at the ranch it will be 110 V.


International Telephone Country Code: 56