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Trip Duration:  24 Days


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2014: TBA

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Detailed Itinerary

Detailed Itinerary

Days 1-2   Depart USA (or Home Country) for Santiago Chile.  Most flights are overnight causing you to arrive in Santiago in the morning.  From there transfer to your domestic flight to Balmaceda in the Aisen Region of Patagonia.  Upon arrival in Balmaceda, you'll be greeted by your No Limits Adventures guide who will accompany your group for the duration of your trip.  We will travel the Austral Highway south(approx 4 hrs) on pavement and improved gravel roads to Puerto Rio Tranquilo, a village on the shores of Lago General Carrera, Chile's largest lake and South America's second largest lake.  We will dine and spend the night at a charming bed and breakfast that has been hand built from local cedar and beech wood.

Day 3   We’ll plan on a relaxing start to the day after your travels.  After breakfast we will continue the journey south, following the remarkably picturesque southern longitudinal highway as it alternately climbs high above then dips down close by the captivating blue waters of the lake.  Our first destination is the small port village of Bertrand, located at the headwaters of the Baker River, Chile’s largest volume river and a world-class fishery.  This is our departure point to the ranch on the other side of the lake.  We’ll board a boat and travel the 10 miles of lake.  Once we’ve arrived and you’ve had a look around, we’ll get you settled into your accommodations in the ranch's guesthouse.  After lunch we’ll meet some of our sturdy Criollo mounts, familiarize you with the comfortable Gaucho tack and spend the rest of the afternoon riding the ranch and touring the surrounding area.  Most meals will be prepared by our chef and served ranch-style in the main house except when we're away from the ranch of course.  Lunches will be dictated by our activities and schedule.

Day 4   The next morning after breakfast, we set off on horseback for the peninsula of the old terminal moraine that forms the separation between Bertrand and Plomo lakes.   It follows up a long rise to a shoulder where riders have the mountains on one side of them and the lake below them on the other.   We ride through some moss covered "enchanted" forest and through clearings and copses of beach.   If weather permits the ride offers long views onto the icefield as well as numerous other peaks.  After the wonderful ride out from the ranch and lunch along the way, we board our boat waiting to take us back to the ranch.  We enjoy a wonderful dinner at the ranch house and a good nights sleep.

Days 5-7   We leave the horses behind for a few days and set out on our alpine trek.  The first day we depart the ranch with modest packs (approx 25lbs) and begin to gain elevation as we approach our destination of the edge of the alpine zone.  After a wonderful day we settle into camp for the night.  The next day we leave our camp behind for a wonderful day hike higher into the alpine zone.  We visit the glacier fields and attempt a non-technical ascent as conditions allow.  The day is filled with views of jagged peaks, pristine wilderness, old enchanted forests and crystal clear mountain streams.  We conclude our day back at our wonderful camp.  In the morning we pack up our things and begin our journey back to the ranch.  During the day there are plenty of opportunities for detours as we travel past emerald and jade colored lakes and a beautiful assortment of wildflowers.  We settle back in at the ranch for a wonderful dinner and a good nights sleep.

Day 8  Morning sunlight arrives across the far end of the lake at the Ranch. You’ll smile to think of where you came from yesterday and of how you got here.  Sip hot coffee or tea on the porch while the smell of fresh bread escapes from the ranch house kitchen.  After breakfast you can fish one of the nearby streams or inlets, take a short stroll through the woods, saddle up and explore more of the nearby pastures and forest, pick cherries in the orchard, or just relax and enjoy the day at the ranch.

Days 9-11  We saddle up again, this time with a couple of packhorses along for support. Our journey follows the trails up the main valley. There will be plenty of opportunity, if you so choose, for long canters along sand and gravel river shore, and through various pastures and woods. We’ll prepare a tent camp near where the Solér River is joined by its sister the Cacho River, or at the nearby subsistence ranch of one of our neighbors in the valley. The next morning after breakfast, we depart camp and head up through the Cacho through the forest, through neighbors farms into the upper Cacho Valley which spreads out in the old glacial valley bottom.  Visitors are always welcome to share news / stories of the outside world over Mate(bitter green tea from a gourd) with our friends if we meet them along the way.  We arrive at the glacier and witness ice falls as the ice collapses off the end of the glacier.  We continue our journey and even enjoy hiking out onto the ice. After this exciting day, we return to our camp for the night.  In the morning we break camp, load our pack horses and begin our journey back to the ranch. We vary our return route, crossing a variety of creeks and streams on horseback.

Day 12  After our adventures of the past several days, you are provided another opportunity to choose which activity(s) you would like to participate in.  After breakfast you can fish one of the nearby streams or inlets, take a short stroll through the woods, saddle up and explore more of the nearby pastures and forest, pick cherries in the orchard, or just relax and enjoy the day at the ranch.  Note: clients selecting the optional Easter Island Itinerary will depart the ranch on Day 12.  See optional itinerary details below.

Days 13-14  After a relaxed breakfast at the ranch we’ll travel by boat to Puerto Bertrand at the headwaters of the Baker River.  In Puerto Bertrand the group will change into rafting gear and prepare to launch down the high volume, class III rapids of the famous Río Baker.  The Baker River is Chile’s largest volume river with an average flow rate of over 50,000 cfs.  It is an undammed, crystal clear, turquoise colored powerhouse and a considerable thrill when descended in an raft.  After our exhilarating ride, we enjoy a picnic lunch and visit the grand Salton.  In the afternoon we return by boat to the ranch.  On our last day our wonderful adventures at the ranch are capped off with a traditional Asado Parado (Traditional Chilean Barbeque) around the fireplace.

Days 15-16  After an early breakfast and saying our goodbyes, you’ll be taken by boat back to Puerto Bertrand.  From Bertrand you’ll return to Balmaceda by vehicle. Your domestic flight from Balmaceda to Santiago connects with your international flight to take you home.

Note: Participants in the optional journey to Easter Island will depart from the ranch on Day 12

Days 12-13  Depart ranch via boat ride to Bertrand and transport to the Balmaceda Airport.  Our first flight takes us from Balmaceda to Santiago where we'll stay overnight departing for Easter Island in the morning.  We arrive Easter Island mid-day and enjoy the afternoon with an overview of the island and a tour of Moai sites.  We'll overnight in Haumaka Guest House.

Days 14-15  We tour additional Moai, quarry and archeological sites.  We spend the night in the Haumaka Guest House.  Continue our visits to archeological sites and picnic on the beach at Hanga Oteo.  Overnight at Haumaka Guest House.

Days 16-17  Depart Easter Island for Santiago for overnight flight back to the USA.

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