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Course Location: Cornish, NH


Course Duration: 8 Days


Price: $745


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Travel Information

Cornish New Hampshire is easily accessed by several routes locally and from the neighboring states of Massachusetts and Vermont.  There are also daily flights from Boston to Lebanon Municipal Airport, which is just a few miles north of Cornish.  Please reference the specific sections below based upon your intended direction and mode of travel to arrive in Cornish.

Arriving from the North:

We are located along the Connecticut River just 15.7 miles south of West Lebanon where highway 89 crosses over the river into Vermont and just 19.6 miles south of Hanover. From West Lebanon, take route 12A south directly to our location.

Arriving from the South:

Cornish New Hampshire is just 4 hours 15 minutes north of New York City.  Highway 95 leaves New York and connects with highway 91 in New Haven Connecticut  Highway 91 runs north from New Haven through Hartford Connecticut and Springfield Massachusetts before continuing into Vermont.  Travelers on this route would take Exit 8 at Windsor Vermont.  Proceeding right at the end of the off ramp for about 1 mile crossing over the Connecticut River. Take a left at the first light after crossing the bridge onto Route 12A. Travel north along the Connecticut River for about 4 miles to our location on the right.

A second option for travelers from the south is to come up highway 89 which originates in Concord New Hampshire.  Concord is located in South Central New Hampshire and is where highway 93 comes north from Boston and connects with 89.  Highway 89 brings travelers northwest where they will take Exit 20 at West Lebanon.  Then drive south on Rt. 12A for just 15.7 miles to arrive at our location in Cornish. 

Arriving from the East:

There is an option for people that are arriving from the east.  If coming from neighboring towns of Lebanon, Meriden or Cornish, travelers may wish to take Rt. 120 to Stage Road.  Stage road is approximately 6.4 miles and brings you directly into Plainfield. Take a left (traveling south) onto route 12A. Continue for approximately 7.3 to our location in Cornish.

Arriving from the West:

Travelers from Vermont have a couple convenient choices depending upon their North/South orientation in Vermont.  One option is to cross the Connecticut River in West Lebanon coming across on highway 89.  Exiting in West Lebanon, come south on Rt. 12A for approximately 15.7 miles to our location in Cornish.  A second option is to come across the river on the picturesque covered bridge in Windsor Vermont.  Once across, turn right and proceed south for about 1.3 miles on Rt 12A to arrive at our location on the left.

Arriving by Air:

As mentioned above, there are multiple daily flights from Boston's Logan Airport (BOS) to Lebanon Municipal Airport(LEB).  Once you have arrived at the Lebanon Airport, exiting the airport places you in West Lebanon.  Turn left (south) onto 12A and proceed for 15.7 miles to arrive at our location.