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Trip Summary

Trip Duration:
Trek Only: 21 Days

With Mt. Lobuche: 22 Days
With Island Peak: 25 Days

Price: Trek Only: TBA

With Either Climb: TBA

2015 Departure Dates: 

Trek Only: TBA

With Lobuche: TBA

With Isl. Peak: TBA

Trip Map

Trip Map

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Nepal Mt Everest Trek- fitness readiness
-With Optional Climbs of Lobuche East (6119m) or Island Peak (6189m)

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Trip Ratings

Cultural Sightseeing
Hiking / Trekking
Mountaineering (Island Peak) - Optional
Mountaineering (Lobuche East) - Optional

General Comments

The trek into Everest Base Camp is strenuous and you should be in good physical condition.  It does not however require that you have any previous trekking or mountaineering experience.  You should be equipped with a spirit of adventure and a willingness to undergo the potential hardships of outdoor living and long days on the trail.  This is a fully supported trek which means we have porters and yaks carry the majority of the group's gear.  Individuals will only be required to carry a light daypack for things they will need during the day, such as water bottles, cameras, sunscreen, a layer of clothing, etc.

Although we will maintain a slow, easy pace on the trek that will fit with almost anyone, it is nonetheless a strenuous high altitude hike.  We recommend that you begin a fitness routine, especially one that includes regular hiking, as soon as you can, to be in top shape. The most frequent comment heard from people going on this trek is that they underestimated the fitness level needed to fully enjoy their trip. Physical conditioning should be approached on two fronts:

  • Cardiovascular conditioning.  Improved by activity sustained for at least 45-60 minutes.  Suggested activities include: hiking, running, bicycling, swimming, stepping, etc.

  • Strength conditioning.   Improved by training with free weights or Nautilus machines, push ups, and sit-ups.

Preparation For Mt. Lobuche or Island Peak Climbs

It is strongly recommended that an extensive training program be executed for several months before an attempt at a high altitude climb such as Mt. Lobuche or Island Peak.  This program should include extended periods of time hiking with a weighted pack on consecutive days, preferably at some level of altitude if available.

It will also be necessary for any applicants that wish to join either climb to demonstrate sufficient prior experience and aptitude with certain technical climbing gear.  We will address these requirements on an individual basis.

Please check with your physician before embarking on strenuous physical activity.

Customized Training Programs Are Available For This Trip!

Fit For TripsNo Limits Adventures has worked with Fit For Trips to develop customized training programs for our trips that necessitate a degree of physical fitness for optimal participation.  While not all of our trips have fitness requirements, some do, so proper training before departure is one of the best ways to ensure you'll enjoy these particular trips to the fullest.

These training programs are custom developed for our itineraries, taking into account the specific activities that are apart of the trip or expedition.

Clients may choose:

•  4, 8, or 12-week training programs 
•  Home or gym based training 
•  Resistance program that fits your level of experience 
•  Instruction by audio, video, and personal support 
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Activity Levels                                                                                                   Top

No perceptual physical exertion.  Generally just a casual walking pace or a sitting oriented tour.  Frequent breaks.  No prior conditioning required.
Perhaps standing and walking more than a typical day, but with frequent stops. Should not require prior conditioning for the majority of clients.
Physical activity for more than what may be typical in most people’s average day.  Prior conditioning is recommended and will likely improve the client’s enjoyment of the activity.
Athletic activity likely requiring most clients to participate in a physical conditioning program involving cardio and strength training prior to the trip.
Physically demanding activities with significant exertion for extended periods of time (days) requiring top physical condition.
Very physically demanding for extended hours over repeated days usually under challenging environmental conditions.  Generally reserved for technical high altitude mountaineering.

Prior Experience Rating                                                                                Top



Beginner.  Have had some prior exposure but typically no formal training or participation on a regular basis.
Intermediate.  Participated in formal training and have participated in the activity for an extended period of time.
Experienced.  Taken formal training.  Participating in the activities for years and may have even trained or lead others in the activity.
Anyone.  The activity is appropriate for clients of all prior experience levels.