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Trip Duration: 13 Days

Price: TBA

Departure Dates:
Summer Season 2015 TBA

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Trip Map

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Nepal Mt Everest Trek- travel information

  • VISA
Flying To Bhutan

Due to Bhutan Government's tourism policies, travel access into Bhutan is carefully managed and all non-citizens must travel into Bhutan utilizing the services of a qualified travel partner like No Limits Adventures.  Therefore our itinerary is specifically structure to begin in Bangkok Thailand to facilitate entry into Bhutan for our group.

Your roundtrip flight from Bangkok Thailand to Paro Bhutan is included in your itinerary and an e-ticket will be provided to you.

Druk Air is the national airline of Bhutan and the only carrier authorized for international flights in/out of Bhutan.

You will be allowed two pieces of checked luggage restricted to 20 kg / 44 lbs.

Carry-on is strictly limited to one piece, not exceedin 17.5 x 13.5 x 8 inches and the weight not exceeding 11 lbs.  A small purse will also be allowed.


Bhutan Standard Time is GMT +6 hours. For the current time in the Thimpu, the capital of Bhutan, click this link:

It is 13 hours ahead of Pacific Standard Time and 10 hours ahead of Eastern Standard Time

Bhutan does not follow Daylight Savings Time



  • Passports are required of all foreign nationals in order to enter Bhutan
  • Must be valid for at least 6 months after your trip - if not, apply or renew immediately
  • Keep a copy of the picture page of your passport in a separate place while traveling
  • Carry 2 extra passport photos in case you need to apply for a quick replacement


  • All visitors are required to complete the Customs Declaration Form and an imigration form before your plane lands in Bhutan.  The imigration form must remain with your passport until you leave the country.
  • Anything you are bringing into the country for personal use - camera gear, video cameras, binoculars, etc. - will be allowed.
  • Electronic items should be registered with the customs authorities on arrival and will be checked on departure.
  • Import and export of the following goods are strictly prohibited: arms, explosives, ammunition, etc., narcotics and drugs (medically prescribed drugs are exempt), antiques, and wildlife products, especially those of endangered species.
  • Cigarettes and any other tobacco related products are forbidden in the kingdom. For personal consumption passengers are permitted to bring to 200 cigarettes (10 packets - 1 ctn) on payment of a 200% duty.
  • Alcoholic beverages up to 1 litre for personal consumption