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Trip Summary

Trip Duration: 13 Days

Price: TBA

Departure Dates:
Summer Season 2015 TBA

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Trip Map

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Nepal Mt Everest Trek- gear



You will need a variety of clothing for this trip.  You may wish to download and print this gear list which contains all the gear that should be neccessary for this trip.  This list is also represented on the remaining tabs of this page. You should find this helpful as a checklist while preparing for the trip.

While traveling, items of clothing/gear should follow two simple concepts, lightweight and functional.  Items that you pack should be lightweight, dependable, and adaptable to a variety of conditions.  Cotton, while comfortable, dries slowly and is a poor insulator when it gets wet.  Wool or synthetic fabrics that “wick” moisture and sweat away from your skin are able to keep you much warmer when required.  For this trip, a mixture of types is sensible.

If you tend to get cold easily, bring one extra medium layer.  Please remember that figuring out what to pack is a balance between taking just enough clothing to keep you warm and comfortable, yet not overburdening yourself or others with items you probably won’t use.


The brand of clothing/gear you choose is entirely up to you, and there are many options available.  A good place to start for a variety of options here in Atlanta is REI (Recreational Equipment Inc.) and sale prices are often found at Patagonia ( has very high quality gear, and a strong environmental commitment.  Other companies include North Face ( and Mountain Hardwear ( If this trip is pursuing a passion that will extend for years into the future, making an investment in gear by Arch'teryx ( may be something to consider. This is often some of the best gear available. Outdoor Research ( also makes some excellent gear. NLA's founder is especially fond of their hand gear and gaiters. For certain items it is probably best to find an outdoor store in your area, so you can ensure a good fit before you purchase. A few reliable online gear companies are ( and (

Upper Body

Head / Ears / Eyes

  • Shade hat or baseball cap - some people drape a bandana down the back of their head and then put a baseball cap on to hold it is place.  This can be a flexible alternative while keeping the sun off your ears and neck
  • Sunglasses
  • Extra eyeglasses / contacts
  • Headlamp - Black Diamond and Petzl both make several good ones.  These are very handy at times


  • 1 pair liner gloves thin wool or synthetic, useful alone on mild days if you get cold easily

Core Body

  • 4 cotton t-shirts
  • 1 synthetic t-shirt
  • 2 long sleeve polyester, or other synthetic lightweight, light colored shirts for sunny days.  V-neck zipper provides additional venting options which are good for changing temperatures
  • 1 windbreaker or hard shell type jacket with hood, waterproof, pay particular attention to venting options under / on the arms
  • 4 women bras as appropriate

Lower Body


  • 1-2 pairs nylon hiking shorts - Quick drying type
  • 2 pair trekking pants, preferably that zip on/off at the knees so they double as shorts
  • Underwear
  • 1-2 pair cotton pants (loose jeans/khakis) for in town
  • 1 full length loose skirt.   Women should plan to wear skirts or pants when walking around town


  • 3-4 pair light weight socks
  • 1 pair light to medium weight hiking shoes


Pack / Gear Bag

  • 1 small day pack* (approximately 2,000 cubic inches) You will want to have everything needed during the day in your pack
  • 1 large (5, duffle bag
  • Small padlocks for duffel bag

Medicines and First Aid Kits

  • Ibuprofen for general aches and pains
  • Immodium or Pepto bismol capsules for upset stomach or diarrhea

Miscellaneous, But Important

  • Passport and extra passport photos
  • Airline ticket(s)
  • VISA letter
  • Immunization Record
  • Durable wallet / pouch for travel documents, money & passport
  • Plug adapter
  • 1 Water bottles 1 liter wide-mouth Nalgene
  • Sunscreen. SPF 40 is recommended and should be relatively new since it loses its' effectiveness over time
  • Pocket knife or small Swiss Army type
  • Water purification Iodine tablets or Polar-pure crystals
  • Toiletry kit. Be sure to include toilet paper stored in a plastic bag, hand wipes, and liquid hand sanitizer, towel, etc.
  • Biodegradable soap
  • 2-3 Large durable plastic bags, for keeping clean and dirty items separated from one another
  • Large ziplocs are also useful for separating things
  • 1 bandanas
  • Wrist watch or other travel clock


  • Favorite snack foods, no more than a pound or so (Optional)
  • Paperback books, cards, mp3 player
  • Binoculars (Optional)
  • 1 light weight point & shoot camera or 1 large SLR
  • Hydration bladder with drinking tube (Optional)
  • Pictures of your home and family (optional)