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Trip Summary

Trip Duration: 15 Days


Price:  TBA (Includes Park Fees)



Hot Air Balloon Ride: TBA

Single Suppliment TBA


Departure Dates:


2015: TBA

Dates available for private groups

Trip Map

Trip Map

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Tanzania Map

Tanzania African Safari-
fitness readiness


There are no special conditioning requirement other than the ability to walk for several hours a day during the walking safari portion of the itinerary.  You will not be expected to carry any significant weight, only a daypack with things you may wish to have during the day such as a binaculars, camera, water bottle, sunscreen, etc.   Otherwise you just need to be equipped with a spirit of adventure and a desire to connect with nature in a way few places on earth can provide.

Fitness Levels

If you are particularly out of shape, you may want to begin an exercise program to enhance you cardiovascular conditioning.  This will ensure that the walking portions of the itenerary are easy and enjoyable for you.  Physical conditioning may be approached on two fronts:

  • Cardiovascular conditioning.  Improved by activity sustained for at least 45-60 minutes.  Suggested activities include: hiking, running, bicycling, swimming, stepping, etc.
  • Strength conditioning.   Improved by training with free weights or Nautilus machines, push ups, and sit-ups.

Please check with your physician before embarking on strenuous physical activity